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Boeing and the Professional Airways Systems Specialists Association (PASS) recently reached a tentative agreement on a new contract for the union`s members who work on Boeing aircraft. The agreement, which still needs to be ratified by union members, would cover over 2,400 employees across seven different Boeing facilities.

The agreement includes a number of important provisions for union members. Among them are wage increases of 3% per year over the three-year contract period, as well as increased employer contributions to the employee pension plan. The agreement also includes expanded medical and leave benefits, as well as additional training opportunities for union members.

This agreement is significant not only for the union members involved, but also for Boeing as a company. The PSAA represents a critical group of workers who are responsible for maintaining and repairing Boeing aircraft, and a breakdown in negotiations could have had serious consequences for the company`s operations. By reaching a mutually beneficial agreement with the PSAA, Boeing is able to ensure that it will continue to have a skilled and dedicated workforce.

Additionally, the agreement represents a positive step forward for labor relations at Boeing. In recent years, the company has faced criticism for its treatment of unionized workers, particularly in the wake of the 737 Max crisis. By working collaboratively with the PSAA to reach a fair and equitable contract, Boeing is demonstrating its commitment to its employees and to building positive relationships with the labor community.

Overall, the Boeing-PSAA agreement is a positive development for both the company and the union. It provides important benefits for workers, ensures continuity of operations for Boeing, and sets a positive example for labor relations in the aviation industry. While the agreement still needs to be ratified by union members, it represents an important milestone in the ongoing efforts to build stronger and more collaborative relationships between labor and management in the aviation sector.